Rogstad Walwala front.jpg

Walala Vineyard Pinot Noir - Sonoma Coast

Located in the 'true' Sonoma Coast at 1,200 feet above Sea Ranch, Walala is just two miles from the Pacific. Though it enjoys a brisk maritime climate, the 17 acre vineyard is lost on a lonely ridge in a 19,000 acre forest, perched just above the fog line.

2013 vintage: 111 cases produced ~ we lost 1 barrel in the 6.0 magnitude earthquake, August 2014

2014 vintage: 122 cases produced

Thornton Vineyard Pinot Noir - Sonoma Coast

On a flank of Sonoma Mountain over the crest from Gap's Crown, at 1,800 feet elevation, Thornton vineyard slopes East, towards the town of Sonoma. Unlike our other Pinots, which blend clones from different rows within the vineyard, this wine is entirely made from a single, one acre block.

2013 vintage: 142 cases produced

2014 vintage: 112 cases produced

2015 vintage: 74 cases produced

Rogstad Van Der Kamp back.jpg

Van der Kamp Vineyard Pinot Noir - Sonoma Mountain

This mystical, 30 acre vineyard has been farmed now for over 100 years.   Cradled in a bowl at 1,400 feet elevation, just below the summit of Sonoma Mountain where the fog from San Pablo bay and the Petaluma Gap do a dance creating a sun clearing.

2013 vintage: 66 cases produced

2014 vintage: 125 cases produced

2015 vintage: 75 cases produced

Sumu Kaw Vineyard Nebbiolo - El Dorado

From the Miwok Indian term for Sugar Pine, Sumu Kaw lies at 3,000 feet elevation in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. The cold nights and long season are well suited to this late ripening variety. Nebbiolo is quite rare outside of Piedmont where it makes the legendary wines of Barolo and Barberesco.

2013 vintage: 65 cases produced

2014 vintage: 81 cases produced